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Beyond the tracks on the island, the real discovery of Ithaca is achieved by a vessel. Some of the top beaches of the Ionian carefully concealed and discovered only by sea.The beaches of Ithaca is not sand, but composed of smooth pebbles, mostly white. Some are like clean lakes and some are as small as private beaches. The trees reach nearly to the sea. creating a uniquely beautiful setting that combines the wild in peace.

Eagle: In the middle of the island at the bottom of the bay is a sheltered beach in Eagle, ideal for swimming.

Right or Dexa: Across from the entrance of the harbor near the city, following the road to Eagle and North Ithaca, meet the beach Dexa. It is a small beach with crystal clear waters. It’s beach is the “Blue Flag”.

This means of proper organization and care for humans and the environment, and perform 27 strict criteria by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN).
There are adequate toilet facilities, a trained lifeguard on duty, canteen, direct access to phone for an emergency, emergency supplies and first aid care for people with disabilities, printed information and instructions on the shore, flora and fauna in the coastal area, etc. .

Loutsa: At the entrance to the harbor of Vathi on the left side is the beautiful sandy beach Loutsas under the Venetian rule.

Memory: The Bay is the beach Skinos Graves, a short distance from the city.

Skinos: Located deep in the bay just 3km from the Deep. Both these beaches are a challenge for the visitor, where they will spend the day enjoying the crystal clear waters.

Gidaki: North Beach Filiatro is the coveted Gidaki, whose natural beauty has traveled around the world and featured as one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Greece.Here visitors can enjoy the sun and the sea, overlooking the coast of mainland Greece and the opposite uninhabited islets. Accessible by boat or by Skinos walk path.

Filiatro: On one side lies the beautiful beach of the gulf Filiatra, which brings locals and visitors, offering water sports, recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.

Sarakiniko: Eastward from the Deep is the Bay Sarakiniko the beach, where clear blue sea voyager relax the visitor.

Furnaces: In the SE part of Nisopoulo near Ithaca, is the beautiful beach of Kaminia.

Man:The depth of the leeward bay is a small but beautiful beach.

Eagle Back: diametrically opposite of the Eagle, on the southwest side of Ithaca, is another beautiful beach. The bather can enjoy the clean sea, calm and quiet.Here is the small port of Piso Aetos, serving the transportation between Ithaca, Cephalonia and Patras and Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada and lobster.

White Gialos: On the west coast, near the village of St John is the beautiful clean beach and the sand of the White Gialos.This combines the green of the mountain Nirito the blue sea. Holidaymakers choose this beach to enjoy the sea and tranquility.
Road 3 km from the Vitiligo leads to Agios Ioannis and the White Yialos beach.
From the Vitiligo paths leading to several small beaches, such as Militera and Koutoupi.

City: Beneath the Cross in the gulf, is the town beach, where there leeward harbor, anchorage for the many boats in the region.At the bottom of the town are ruins of an ancient city that sank. On the north side of the harbor, is the Homeric Cave Loizou destroyed by earthquakes. Here you can enjoy the shade and coolness that give the tall poplars.
City is parking cars, canteen and toilets.

Amoudi: Next to the harbor, a small sandy beach sandy beach, hidden from every eye, and offers peace and tranquility. Access from the city by boat in 10 minutes.

Keramargeio: On the west side of the Gulf of belly button after the garden is very small votsaloparalia offer something completely deserted and isolated.

Garden: Through a relatively difficult access but beautiful route can reach the deserted beach of Perivolos. Small beach with beautiful clear water

Kouloumis: West coast of the navel, a distance of about 100, covering the steep coast, you reach the beach Kouloumis. Access by boat from town, Horror, Kioni.

Aphales: From Platrithias (Lakes) take the road to navel.
Crossing a dream location with vegetation-tropical location ‘can reach the beautiful beach of the Gulf of navel. Beautiful place with a pebble beach and rocky shores that hide another two beaches, for those who seek tranquility.The Gulf beaches are the belly button, which can be reached only by boat. The beaches are wonderful with pebbles and sand, it is best to find someone on vacation.Great blue waters with towering cliffs provide shade in many places the beaches are very crowded in August.

Ammoudaki and Mouse: 2 very small beaches close after the Aphales for ultimate relaxation.

Seat:Very little deserted beach, opposite the beach navel, with access horrors, City, Kioni boat.

Wide Sand: Big and beautiful beach. It combines superb sand and pebbles, crystal clear waters.
This needs attention from potential landslides.
Considered one of the best beaches of Ithaca and Greece. Accessible only by boat.
In summer, especially in August, the beach is filled with all types of vessels, boats, sailboats, yachts and expensive yachts arriving from the horror, Kioni, Vathi, Fiskardo and various other places.

Fig: Perfect beach with pebbles and sand for isolation. The beach has shade throughout the day. Access by boat.

Voukenti: A small pebble beach and crystal clear waters. Access by boat.

Alikes: Pebble Beach AlykesParalia and clean sea.Ten meters behind the beach, there is a small laspolimni. A few years ago was ideal for mud.

Robot (Marmakas): The great eucalyptus near the sea, along the beautiful beach offers natural shade and coolness.

Three moudia: Three consecutive small pebble beaches and wild, a small bay close to the horrors attract those seeking solitude and quiet. Access by boat from horrors, Kioni. Deep.

Deep beaches: Another small beach near the port of Horrors. Access by boat.

In addition to port and port: Adjacent to the horrors of the beautiful beach in the port, behind which lies a elaiofyteia offering cool bathers.
After the port is the small beach Beyond Port. Accessible by boat or from the horrors of the path.

Kourvoulia, Rear Kourvoulia, Tsitsimida, Plakoutses: Successive small crowded beaches along the coastal road from horror-Kioni, famous for its cool waters prized the warm summer months.

Mavrona: Small pebble beach. The bay is Mavrona and shelter for small boats. Access from the Back Kionia.

Kioni: In the bay of the column are small beaches with clear water every day in summer attract visitors to the village.

Samphire: Leaving Kioni in the south, after the Cape of Saint Elias with the chapel is the small pebble beach and beautiful blue water, waiting for visitors to rest.

Mockingbird: A small beach along the coast from the Saint Elias to the Eagle, ideal for quiet, solitude and isolation