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Ferry lines connect daily to the Kefalonia Ithaca with Lefkada, in Patras, but the lobster Etoloakarnania.
The Deep and the Eagle are back full time with Sami to Patras via the ferry “Kefalonia”.
Also, the Eagle is back in Fiskardo Kefalonia and Lefkada with Lobster and by ferry.
The back Eagle is also connected by ferry Lobster ‘San Andreas’.
From the horrors are flying all the time to Fiskardo and Nidri and Vassiliki.

Car & boat

From Athens there are daily
a). Kefalonia bus to Patras in response to liner and
b). Bus for Lobster

By air

Also in Ithaca can be reached by plane to Kefalonia and then either through the regular ferry Sami Kefalonia – Back Eagle Ithaca, or the equivalent Fiskardo Kefalonia – Ithaca horrors.
In summer there are many in direct charters to Argostoli.


There is a heliport in Anogi for private or chartered helicopters.

Useful numbers:

Kefalonia KTEL Athens: 210-5129448
STRINTZIS LINES Athens 210-3311862
STRINTZIS LINES Patras 2610-634000

Agencies Ithaca:
-Polyctor tours: 26740-33120
-Delas tours: 26740-33103 or 32104, Fax:33031
Lobster-Agency: 26460-41368, Fax: 41940
Agency-Royal: 26450-31520

Patron-Port: 2610-34102
Port-Ithaca: 26740-32909
-Port Authority: 26740-22031

Ferries-Shipping companies: www.gtp.gr / routesform.asp

Bus Greece Bus: http://www.ktel.org/