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Our Island

The smaller size and population after Paxos Island Ionian Islands, but famous in the world for the ‘homeland’, where reigned the resourceful Odysseus’ of Homer.

Located at 38th Width – 23.5 N and longitude 18th – 21.2 A, has an area of 92.7 square kilometers, along the northernmost cape St.By John Man southernmost 29 km, a width of 6482m in the north, maximum width in the south of 6182m and a minimum width at the middle of the island formed by the isthmus to the Eagle 620.

Ithaca is an island of tradition, history, culture and steadfast love of the people for their land.Rare beauty, unlike the typical wild and tame nature and the changing landscape. Today, Ithaca, an island of natural beauty, developing tourism without destroying the charm and tradition.
Capital of the Deep, a picturesque town with a quirky trick off in his arms the island Lazaretto and two Venetian castles.

It is one of the 4 provinces of the prefecture of Kefalonia and has a total population of 3084 inhabitants according to 2001 census.

The island got its name from Ithaca, first resident of the island (Pterelaus son and brother and Polyktora Nirito) or according to mythology was the son of Poseidon and Amfimelis.
In another case, the name comes from the word Ithi (= cheerful) or originating from the Phoenician word Utika (= colony) or the word Ithys (= steep).

Today, Ithaca developing more tourism without destroying the charm and tradition.The internal and external tourism increases, guests have the opportunity to experience the multifaceted island Ithaca there is simply identified with the homeland of Odysseus.
The spiritual and cultural level of Thiakon and visitors of the island is high, as the phenomenon is related to the prestige of Ithaca has since the Homeric times, the good education that existed there, the restless spirit and akatavlito Thiakon and irresistible contact with other citizensisms.

The town, Vathy and local departments Anogi, Cross and columns designated Traditional Settlements, while the entire island has been designated for its natural beauty.
In recent years it has begun the gradual emergence of new forms of economic activity, such as agro-tourism, crafts, a cottage industry, the young and female entrepreneurship, etc. (Information on organic farming, organic farming and programs).
The site offered multifaceted and can offer.

“As you go to Ithaca
Hope so long,
full of adventure, full of knowledge.
In cities many Egyptian
To learn and learn from spoudagmenous.
Do not hurry the journey at all.
Best last for many years
and are old, arrives at the island
not expecting riches to give you.
Ithaca has a nice trip.
And if you find her poor districts, Ithaca
not deceived.
So you have become wise
will have understood
The Ithaca what they mean.”

Constantine Cavafy