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Our History

Ithaca the island home of Odysseus is one of the most famous islands in Greece, not in the current year but the antiquity and mythology.Homer’s epics to the legacy left him and a lot of work to Greek and foreign scientists working years with this project.Of course apart from Homer by Homer reports available from other older writers like Akousilaos saying that Ithaca, the Niritos and Polyktor were the three sons of the Kingdom Pterelaus came from Jupiter.Odysseus’s wife Penelope was the daughter of the kingdom of Ikaria and Polykastis. The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer certainly could not be written in a confined space. But both works of the great history made known global history of this place.It works and spent several centuries of invaders on the island left unchanged, names and place names to this day. Are the works of Homer to show that Ithaca is the home of Odysseus.


Ithaca was inhabited from the Neolithic period (4000-3000 BC), as evidenced by the findings from the excavations in Cave Loizou and hats. The Odyssey by scholars beginning in 1174 BC with the arrival of Odysseus to Ithaca after ten years of wandering.References are made to Odyssey for parties acted like Eumaeus Cave and Cave of the Nymphs. Ulysses, who reigned until his death, was succeeded by his son, Telemachus.

From 1000-800 BC conquered by the Dorians and after the Corinthians until 180 BCwhich was conquered by the Romans.

The Romans remained in the island until 394 AD where most residents living north of the island. From 394 ADIthaca falls to the Byzantine Empire, which established the Christian cult and built churches and monasteries.In 1185 the island was conquered by the Normans and then passes into the hands of the Orsini in 1204, interest in 1357 and then in 1479 the Turks who pillaged and killed many more people. The Turkish occupation lasted until 1503, sold to the Venetians.The Venetian rule lasted until 1797, which saw the first French occupation. The residents of Paleochora of Anogi Exogi and multiply and Vathi is the capital of the island. In 1799 the Ionian islands occupied by the Russo-Turkish for a short period and returns are the hands of the French.The French domination, although of short duration had a positive impact on residents of the Ionian islands. The new social doctrines, the principles of freedom and equality of the French Revolution vivified sense of freedom and home to the souls of the Ionian Islands.



In 1809 began the period of British rule and founded the independent state “a United States of Ionian Islands” and ruled constitutional by the Ionian Parliament. Interest in the Homeric Ithaca revived the economy progresses and social life is upgraded.On 21 May 1864 by the radical and the current international political situation led to the Eftanison union with Greece.

In more recent history is founded Ithaca community in Romania and modernized the island with the entrance of the 20th century.Built public buildings, open roads, operates the Deep lighting factory in 1923, shipping the island grows and intellectual life alive. In 1953, however, the island hit by earthquake and much of the settlements and villages destroyed.With the help of state and then Ithaca immigrants began to rebuild successfully.